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How to choose a yoga mat?

For the Outdoors: What is the best yoga mat for the outdoors? 

Doing yoga outside can be one of the best ways to further your practice. Alerse is a Southern California brand so we are constantly looking for ways to take our practice outside into nature. The beach, the park, the forest, all great places to take your practice. So, what should you look for from a mat when your inner yogi is calling for the outdoors?

The barrier between you and the outdoors: 

We believe the Alerse 75 THICK yoga mat is ideal option for outdoor yoga. Why? First, you want a mat that will be a barrier between you and the ground. In this case the outdoors. The Alerse 75 THICK yoga mat is designed with one side that is dedicated to gripping the ground outside and the other to being the cush that you need to do the hardest of poses. 

For the studio: How to choose a mat for the yoga studio?

A mat for the studio needs to have the following qualities:

Grip- The ideal mat should provide not just grip for your hands and feet but also on the floor so the mat doesn’t slip or move on you. 

We Recommend:  The alerse 75 THICK yoga mat as it has dual surface technology. One surface designed to grip the ground and the other to support your body. 

CUSH. In yoga there are many poses that require you to apply pressure onto your knees and wrists. A yoga mat that gives you support and cushion allows you to hold poses for longer without pain. 

We recommend: The alerse 75 THICK yoga mat at 8mm it is the thickest performance yoga mat and is also the lightest in its category. Two things that will maximize CUSH.

What is the purpose of a yoga mat? 

A yoga mat is an essential barrier between you and the floor. It provides cushion and grip as many surfaces such as tile or wood can be slippery and very hard. Also, it is a surface that you can take with you to anywhere that you practice yoga. The studio, your home or the outdoors. 

The alerse 75 THICK yoga mat is our recommended yoga mat as it provides both the Cushion and grip that you need to practice yoga anywhere. Also, it is 75% recycled, sustainable and lighter than comparable mats.  

Which side of yoga mat is up?

Alerse has solved this problem with our dual surface technology. We have developed a mat that has one surface that is for the ground to give you the grip that you need and another surface that is specifically designed for you to practice on. Check out the photos below showing you the two surfaces (The speckled side is for the ground):

Yoga Mats - Alerse

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