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Can I use my Yoga mat outside?

Our Alerse 75 yoga mat is excellent for outdoor use. Because our mats are extra thick at 8mm they are insanely comfortable on any surface. We recommend the Alerse 75 mat because of our SUPER GRIP technology, our mats have different materials on either side. One dedicated to gripping the floor or other outside surface and the other to being the grip you need for the hardest of poses. 

Thick Yoga mat

What is the best thickness for a yoga mat? We believe the best thick yoga mat is the Alerse 75 at 8mm it is the world’s thickest most luxurious performance yoga mat. Having a thick mat makes it so that you can stay in poses for longer and not be in pain. No more knee, wrist, or back pain. So go ahead and stay in those poses longer. Master them and smile while doing it. The Alerse 75 8mm thick yoga mat offers the ultimate CUSH and Grip for the hardest of workouts and poses.