At Alerse we turn plastic and carbon emissions into amazing yoga mats. We strive in everything we do to be good to our planet, while making sure that our products perform at the highest level.

We are a group of yogi surfers that love the ocean, the beach, and our planet.

What is Alerse? Alerse refers to one of our planets oldest trees that lives in the Patagonia. It’s a constant reminder that we are here for a short time and must do the best we can to protect our planet.

about us: Sustainable Innovation in Yoga - Alerse

From Yoga Mats to Earth's Guardians: The Alerse Revolution

Alerse began with a deep desire to improve the yoga mats that we had seen in our yoga classes. We started by searching for technologies that had not been used in the yoga world. We found those technologies in performance shoe technology and we launched with a successful Kickstarter.

Always sticking to our core value of doing good for the Earth with everything we do. Our hope is to grow Alerse into an impactful brand that can make a difference in not just all Yogi’s lives but also for all of us as citizens of planet Earth, by eliminating plastic waste, capturing carbon, and creating performance products.