Why a Travel Yoga mat?

Why a Travel Yoga mat?

As we begin to travel after the pandemic a travel yoga mat becomes so essential. We at Alerse wanted to build a premium yoga mat that would be uncompromising. One that would be ready for travel.

Advantages of our travel yoga mats

A light mat that you can take to the studio and on a trip with you. So, we built the Alerse LIGHT a 6mm thick premium yoga mat that only weighs 2lbs.! Most mats that are 6mm weigh as much as 10lbs. That is an 8lb. difference.

Do I Need a Separate Yoga Mat for Travel?

Traveling gives us the opportunity to unwind and take in new perspectives which is also at the core of any yoga practice, so why not take your yoga practice with you! Traveling also means you will be staying in new spaces, some tiny (I’m talking to you Parisian hotel rooms) or some unique (jungle hut in Belize anyone?) or maybe something more rustic like a campsite at Big Sur .

Either way you need the best yoga mat for travel and that’s where the Alerse LIGHT 6mm comes in. Having a mat that offers premium cush but only weighs 2 pounds makes it the best choice for travel. While the AlerseTHICK is ideal for the studio and at home use, the weight of the Alerse LIGHT can’t be beat and no one wants to pay those extra baggage fees for added weight!

The Alerse LIGHT still offers the premium cush and grip as the AlerseTHICK but in a thinner profile which makes it ideal for traveling and getting into flows on the beach or laying in Savasana in a hotel room. Taking your yoga practice with you also gives you the opportunity to see your practice in a fresh new way and redefine what yoga brings to us. Your practice doesn’t need to be put on hold while you are away,  you just need the right travel mat to help you take your yoga with you.

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