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Why We Made a Yoga Sandal?

At Alerse we wanted to go beyond creating an exceptional yoga mat and wanted to craft something that would extend the experience of yoga throughout the entire day. So we developed the Alerse Sayulita and the Alerse Slide, the only yoga sandals on the market which are made from the same OmFoam technology as the Alerse Yoga Mat.

Our experience on the mat is so different each day, from slow flows one day to intense balancing postures the next or sometimes it’s a circuit of push-ups and sit-ups. That feeling of accomplishment at the end is often the biggest reward and so we wanted to keep the good vibes going once you stepped off the mat.

Best yoga sandal

That’s where the Alerse yoga sandals with specifically designed arch support come in for all day comfort that can keep you feeling in the yoga zone.

What are our yoga sandals made of?

The only ergonomic yoga sandal on the market made from recycled materials with a super grip outsole and moisture resistant midsole. The Alerse yoga sandal offers a way to extend our experience of yoga by stepping into the same comfort that our mat provides to our bodies and mind.
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