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What is the best yoga starter kit?

The best yoga equipment set is one that has high quality equipment that will last a lifetime. 

yoga starter kit

What do you need for a great yoga start kit? We recommend a yoga mat, towel, block and yoga strap. Each of these can be helpful in furthering your yoga workouts. Here we will break down each of these and make some recommendations:

Yoga Mat

We recommend the Alerse THICK yoga mat. At 8mm it is the thickest performance yoga mat. Giving you the best CUSH and grip available. Here is a link:

It comes in 4 awesome colors Midnight Black, Tulum Teal, Coral Red and Sand.  


A towel can be essential if you practice hot yoga as the heat can produce a ton of sweat and a towel is great to make sure that you keep your yoga mat surface dry. 


A yoga block can be a great way to help you with poses where the floor might feel a little far from your current stretch. Also, as you progress you can use different sides of the block to further your pose. 

Yoga Strap

A yoga strap can be an excellent way to help you advance your stretching as you can use it to hold your feet in place as you further your stretching. It can also provide a way to further add pressure to your poses. Furthering your practice. 

yoga kits for beginners

A yoga kit for beginners should always include an amazing yoga mat. We recommend the Alerse THICK yoga mat. It is thick, sustainable, 75% recycled and offers an amazing amount of CUSH and grip as you start your journey into yoga. 

yoga set for beginners

Alerse has developed a mat that is part of the ideal yoga set for beginners. The Alerse THICK yoga mat provides a high performance yoga mat that will help you as you start to further your yoga practice. 

best yoga kit for beginners

The best yoga kit for beginners includes an amazing yoga mat. The best yoga mat is the Alerse THICK yoga mat. It is the first mat to use performance shoe technology in an exercise mat. It performs like no other mat, having ultimate CUSH and GRIP as you start to get into yoga. 

Yoga essentials beginners yoga kit

Our yoga essentials beginners yoga kit consists of the Alerse THICK  yoga mat. A yoga mat that has been developed using performance shoe technology. It is thicker and lighter than comparable mats. Something that will allow you to use your mat in more locations, like the studio or the outdoors. Also, because it is so sustainable you can feel good about your purchase being good to the earth. 

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