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Imperfect - Final Sale - Teal Yoga Mat 8 mm (Tulum)

Imperfect - Final Sale - Teal Yoga Mat 8 mm (Tulum)

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Imperfect - Final Sale - Heavily Discounted - Open box, unused, may or may not have original packaging, mats may have small cosmetic blemishes - The Tulum (Teal) yoga mat reminds us of yoga sessions on white sand beaches.


The world's first yoga mat built using the technology in premium athletic footwear. Giving you the ultimate CUSH and GRIP for those hard workouts and poses.


75% Recycled. We take recycled seriously by making sure our mat offers the highest percentage of recycled content. Be good to the Earth.


OmFoam - Ultimate Green technology - The materials used in our bio-foam are pulled from water based systems to cleanse those environments, and strip and seal up harmful CO2 from the environment. Each mat cleans 1,636 liters of water and 1,025 cubic meters of air.


8mm. At 8mm our mat is the thickest most premium mat on the market. Giving you the ultimate CUSH.


26"x71" Allowing you more space to immerse yourself in the moment. At only 8lbs. the Alerse THICK mat is lighter than comparable mats.


Our mats have different materials on either side. One dedicated to gripping the floor and the other to being the grip you need for the hardest of poses.


Stay healthy with materials that are body and Earth friendly - NO PVC or other harsh chemicals that are bad for you and bad for the planet.

  • Transform your yoga routine with the plush comfort of our Teal Yoga Mat (Tulum), designed with an optimal thickness of 8mm. This mat, crafted with a top-grade, grip-enhancing surface, provides unwavering support and stability for every yoga posture. The cushion-like thickness serves as a luxurious haven for your joints, setting it apart in the league of thick yoga mats.
  • The captivating shade of teal infuses a sense of tranquility into your yoga sessions, while its feather-light, compact construction ensures effortless portability. With its easy-to-clean nature, it aligns seamlessly with your health-conscious fitness regimen.

Whether you're just starting out on the path of yoga or have been on it for years, our yoga mats teal are designed to enrich your journey.

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