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Alerse LIGHT Yoga Mat - Premium 6mm thick, 2.5lbs. - Tulum (Teal Color)

Alerse LIGHT Yoga Mat - Premium 6mm thick, 2.5lbs. - Tulum (Teal Color)

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The Tulum Alerse LIGHT mat is a premium teal yoga mat that boasts a super light weight and premium features. With a thickness of 6mm and a weight of only 2.5 pounds, this yoga mat offers all the performance without the heavy weight of most mats.

Our exclusive 6mm thick OmFoam LIGHT technology ensures maximum comfort and bounce, providing support for various yoga poses and exercises. It is composed of biofoam and 60% recycled plastic, making it sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Weighing only 2.5lbs.(1.5 kg.), this premium mat is lightweight without compromising performance.


This high performance mat is 6mm thick.


 Our mats are made from 60% recycled plastic, which helps eliminate plastic from the environment.


Our biofoam comes from water-based systems that clean the environment, eliminating harmful CO2. Each mat can clean up to 3,272 liters of water and 2,050 cubic meters of air.


Our materials are body and earth friendly and do not contain PVC or other harsh chemicals that could be harmful to you and the environment.


The spacious 26 "x71" mat gives you more room to focus and immerse yourself in the moment.


Our exclusive OmFoam Tech offers the ultimate in cushioning, grip and bounce for those challenging workouts and poses.

The NEW Tulum (teal) alerse LIGHT mat is a high-end yoga mat that combines sustainability, eco-friendliness and premium features to deliver maximum performance.

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